Financial Advising

You want to invest in Croatia?
You are opening a new company?

With our subcontractors and business partners we guide you through the whole process and help you overcome the difficulties of starting a new business. Years of experience in this helps us to give you the best service possible and make you satisfied and, in the end, less frustrated.

You already have a company?

Numizma helps you with all that and much more.

Besides keeping the financial records, we will take part in:

Tax Advising

Every month you end up paying too much tax?
Not getting back as much as you think you could/should?

Our experts keep up with all the Croatian laws that sometimes can be hard to understand, too complicated to explain and interpret. We advise our clients on tax issues and make their business more profitable.

We will give necessary advices, directions or instructions to be taken in certain situations, in order to avoid possible problems in business activity and therefore to proceed optimally.

Extra Services

In order to help our clients in their day-to-day business, we take care of some Extra Services for them. This helps our clients to concentrate on their core business activities and not administration and too much paperwork.

Extra Services include:

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